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Stenote listens, transcribes, understands, and distills your conversations into clear, actionable insights...

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Experience Precision in Every Word

Dive into discussions, lectures, and meetings without missing a beat. Stenotes AI-driven live transcribing brings you human-level, 90%+ accuracy in real-time, ensuring every word is captured just as it`'s spoken. Every participant`'s voice is heard, and every word is accounted for, allowing you to fully engage in the moment.

Distill Your Dialogues into Digestible Insights

Transform lengthy recordings into concise, actionable summaries. Our intelligent summarization cuts through the noise to bring you the heart of your conversations. Perfect for quick reviews or when sharing highlights, our summaries ensure you and your team grasp the core message, enabling faster decision-making and streamlined communication.

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Automatic Chapters

Navigate recordings with ease and skip parts you’re not interested in with our AI-generated chapters.

Key Highlights and Takeaways

Elevate your note-taking with automatically generated key highlights and takeaways. Our AI meticulously identifies and extracts pivotal moments and crucial information, turning them into comprehensive meeting notes.

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